Why Are So Many Law Firms Considering Outsourcing?

Just as technology is becoming more ingrained in our daily lives, technology adoption is also growing within the legal industry. Law firms big and small are making investments in personal technology and IT infrastructures to ensure equipment, files, and data are always accessible to staff. Legal businesses are also making investments in cybersecurity technologies to Read more about Why Are So Many Law Firms Considering Outsourcing?[…]

The Way We Do Business is Evolving – So is Outsourcing

Technology-driven disruption is a fact of life for businesses today. We see technologies that have emerged over the last 20 years that have completely changed the way we live and work – from cloud computing, mobile, IoT, AI, and more. Luckily most companies believe disruptions from technology have been a good thing, at least according Read more about The Way We Do Business is Evolving – So is Outsourcing[…]

Outsourcing Functions – 3 Key Considerations

When it comes to outsourcing, the primary goal for every business is to lower the company’s cost structure and grow the business. The challenge is being able to accomplish both, without sacrificing service. Contracting certain job functions is useful because it frees up employees’ time so they can remain hyper-focused on the work they are Read more about Outsourcing Functions – 3 Key Considerations[…]